GT WB - Application Delivery - Private Banking - Business Analyst GT WB - Application Delivery - Private Banking -  …

CIMB Malaysia
in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Permanent, Full time
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CIMB Malaysia
in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Permanent, Full time
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GT WB - Application Delivery - Private Banking - Business Analyst
  • supporting BA Lead when needed

  • Support BA Lead


1. Review Business Case provided by the Business architect to define the high level requirements. This will lead to the project scope

2. Develop in-scope business processes based on the signed-off L1-L3 business processes defined in the blueprint phase or Business Case.

3. Conduct workshops to identify and confirm user requirement.

4. Document user requirements for the application

5. Assess gaps between software capabilities and user requirements. Identify resolutions for the gaps identified.

6. Develop User Specification Document.


1. Develop Functional Design Specifications

2. Finalize and sign-off the Functional Design Specifications

3. Conduct design review sessions with delivery team

4. Define the framework for any module which require to have generic framework/solution across application.


1. Assist in translating requirements into test conditions and expected results for product, performance, and User Acceptance testing.

2. Conduct in FDD walkthrough to technical teams

3. Conduct Business Review session to show pre-final design to users.


1. Provide support to testers ensure all defined business needs and functionality requirements have been met.


1. Support Deployment team in possible issue relate to scope


1. Contribute to the Change Risk Assessments associated with system adoption & usage.

2. Participate in the development of Processes, Business Rules, User Policies,User Manual and Procedures.

3. Support Change Management team in CMT process


1. Provide support to ensure all defined business needs and functionality requirements have been met during warranty period.

Job Skill & Competencies

1.Ability to analyze and design business processes
2.Ability to develop application requirements based on input gathered from a variety of sources including analysis results and feedback from the user community
3.Ability to develop test conditions and expected results based on the application requirements
4.Ability to review project deliverables for completeness and quality, and compliance with established project standards

Core Skill & Competencies
  • Sets stretch goal (for self) that are aligned with business goals and constantly raises the standards of own work
  • Balances competing work priorities and conflicting schedules effectively
  • Leverages on both past successes and failures to indentify opportunities for performance improvement
  • Leverages on other's skills and expertise when achieving results or developing solutions to problems
  • Has a sense of shared responsibility & commitment to shared goals and a mutual success
  • Takes initiative to build relationship and works with team members across other departments/divisions
  • Builds rapport and works co-operatively with others despite diffrences in opinions,work styles and personalities
  • Communicates with focus,confidence and in a constructive manner
  • Gains a clear understanding by asking questions for clarification
  • Gives a meaningful point of view at appropriate time
  • Screens information,collates it and communicates it in a manner that aids decision-making
  • Learns quickly and adapts flexibility to changing customer or work requirements
  • Demonstrates a tolerance for ambiguity and works comfortably in changing circumstances
  • Makes effort to understands the reason(s) for change an helps others to understands them
  • Understands impact and implications of change to own self and work enviroment
  • Actively participates in learning activities and pursues new learning opportunities ( including those beyond current work scope ) in maximizing own learning experience
  • Is inquisitive and not constrained by the thoughts or approaches of others
  • Consistently applies newly gained knowledge to improve performance
  • Provides honest and constructive feedback ( positive & negative ) and accepts negative feedback in a professional manner
  • Seeks to understands customer's underlying needs
  • Proactively looks for and captures new customer opportunities
  • Follows through to ensure delivery of customer promises
  • Consistently delivers execellent customer experience
  • Establishes personal credibility with clients and others - Demonstrated expertise, professionalism and confidence
  • Organizes and directs quality work efforts -Structures and manages projects to meet expectations and minimize potential obstacles and risks
  • Drives to add value - Relentlessly pursues project objectives regardless of obstacles and setbacks
  • Analyzes and solves poorly defined problems - Generates insightful and practical solutions to complex or unusual business problems
  • Builds and applies skills and capabilities - Stays current on competency skills, builds industry knowledge and shares this expertise with others
  • Maximizes team performance - Facilitates and motivates high performance of and collaboration with team members
  • Anticipates and handles critical situation - Anticipates and manages the consequences when things go wrong
  • Builds and sustains client ownership and commitment - Wins and maintains support from client personnel for major changes and key decisions
  • Negotiates solutions and resolves conflicts - Formulates mutually-agreeable and pragmatic solutions to issues
Preferred Technical & Business Knowledge
Preferable to have Banking financial services system. Eg Corporate Loan / Retail Loan Orignation System.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED (Years, type, industry-related, etc.)
  • IT or business experience.
  • Good knowledge of banking / financial services system
  • Knowledge and exposure to aspects of software development life cycle and processes
  • Business Analyst role experience (Preferably 8 years plus)
  • Preferably with Regional Exposure/Capability
  • Preferably with Supervisory and Management
(eg. Certificate/Diploma/Degree/Master/Professional)
  • Possess a recognized college Degree in Information Technology, Business , Management or related field