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Paddy Power Betfair
in Porto, Porto, Portugal
Permanent, Full time
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Paddy Power Betfair
in Porto, Porto, Portugal
Permanent, Full time
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Associate Developer
Is this you?

You are interested in a role that will offer opportunities to gain experience in the following areas. Evidence of experience across, or an interest in, these items will be a distinct advantage.

JAVA and Back-End

  • Functional Programming
  • Event-driven, messaging-based systems
  • Messaging brokers (experience in RabbitMQ an advantage)
  • Dependency Injection (experience in Spring an advantage)
  • SQL and NoSQL stores (experience in Cassandra an advantage)

JAVASCRIPT and Front-End

  • Javascript frameworks/libraries, such as React, AngularJS, Knockout.JS, etc. React/redux a distinct advantage, while experience with knockout will be very beneficial
  • Javascript test tools (e.g. Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, Protactor, Selenium, etc)
  • Packaging/build tools (e.g. NPM, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, etc)


  • Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration
  • Test-driven development techniques (e.g. BDD and ATDD)
  • Automated testing and mocking techniques
  • Clean coding
  • Agile and Lean approaches

Further Opportunities:

You will have opportunities to use agile and lean practices to deliver world class software. We like to foster an environment to encourage Kaizen creatures who never stop thinking about how to improve themselves and their teams.

When hardware fails, our applications keep going because they are fault tolerant. When the company grows, our applications are built to scale right alongside. Customers enjoy using our applications, because they are reactive and perform well.

We understand that building the 'right thing' is as important as building the 'thing right', and have leveraged test-driven techniques such as ATDD to achieve both. We believe that software quality is the responsibility of the whole team, regardless of job titles.

We understand and embrace the philosophy of Continuous Delivery. We have no interest in a culture of throwing our work 'over the wall' to anybody. Instead, we passionately believe in an agile, DevOps-centric team that builds, tests, releases and operates its own applications.