Strategic Planning Associate 300K+

  • 300K+
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Spark Investment Management LLC
  • 24 Apr 19

If you are very smart and very good at learning new things, in Strategic Planning you can help grow our company and share in the rewards.

Job Description


Perhaps you’re looking to master a variety of skills and the ability to jump into any area, rather than a single niche, so that you can always be contributing to both critical thinking and big-picture strategy.  Success at a hedge fund requires a variety of skills and abilities, so if you are very smart and very good at learning new things, in Strategic Planning you can help grow our company and share in the rewards. 


Strategic Planning’s primary responsibility is to direct our growth.  The initial focus will be on growing our elite staff.  This is complex, multifaceted work, and that’s why we pay the members of Strategic Planning so well.  Many of our successful team members come straight out of academic backgrounds, so we’re more concerned with raw talent and intellect than anything else.  For example, if you could get the main ideas of an introductory college course simply by reading the textbook on your own, then you’ve got the start of what we’re looking for.


You may need to think creatively about our strategies, present to groups, do research, travel, converse with people who want something from you as well as people from whom you want something, and develop processes and materials.  Your mandate will also include evaluating new strategic opportunities.  The work may also include elements of management, technology, investments, or finance. 


If we want to continue our growth, we need to find exceptional people, and none more so than the brilliant minds who will tackle the challenge of finding, evaluating, and bringing in this exceptional talent we require.  Strategic Planning is a broad role that requires constant learning as well as the ability to quickly develop expertise.  You may also receive training in making presentations from a consulting firm partner and financial training from our executives.  Whether you’re talking with an astrophysics PhD, the debate champion, or someone working on the latest economic theory, you will always need to bring your intelligence as well as your ability to dive in to new areas.  As the company dives into new areas, you will use your intellectual skills as well as the management, investments, and strategic experience you gain on the job to make decisions about our future paths as well as the individuals who could be part of it. 


Whether in academia, technology, or entrepreneurship, the most important skill is putting together the right team.  You’ll be intellectually and financially rewarded for developing your ability to bring together a team of people who can create great ideas for the future and bring them to fruition. 


Job Qualifications


Intelligence is paramount in this elite role.  We will consider exceptional candidates from a variety of backgrounds.  This position is suitable for any major, including quantitative disciplines and the humanities. 


For PhDs, your success in a top program has honed the intellectual firepower and excellent communication skills we require.  This role allows you to interview people of varied backgrounds that might otherwise be inaccessible to you.  These interviews can give you an inside view into different fields.  This perspective may guide you in determining your future path or field of advanced study.


This position is also suitable for the candidate with the ultimate objective of being a C-level executive or business unit head. 


If you’d be intrigued by the challenge of putting together a team of brilliant individuals to reduce traffic in Manhattan or to protect sea life from oil spills, send us your resume.  Your projects as Strategic Planning Associate are just as stimulating, your work more lucrative, and your goals more tangible.  The most important factors for success are your exceptional intelligence, desire for insight into human nature, and ability to interact with those who have achieved eminence in a broad range of fields. 


To stand out amongst many highly qualified candidates, you may want to submit a cover letter detailing your two greatest intellectual accomplishments and what stood out about them to you.  When you submit your resume, please include your GPAs and standardized test scores.  Anything you send in may be used by Spark for any purpose, so PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING THAT IS PROPRIETARY TO ANY PERSON.


Company Description


The next generation in hedge fund management.  For over a decade, our outstanding people, many of whom have PhDs, have been developing the next generation of technologies, ideas, and strategies.  We have been highly successful because of both our technically superior strategies and our brilliant people.  We have a close-knit group, distinguished by their interest in our shared success, half of whom are graduates from Harvard, MIT, and Cornell.  This lucrative synthesis of human and machine cognition in an intellectually rich, supportive environment is at the core of Spark.  We have experience with H-1B and green card sponsorship, and visa status is not a constraint.  All submissions kept confidential.