Boss from Hell: My manager spent her day surfing the net for handbags, while I worked late

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Earlier this month, we asked you to tell us about a boss-from-hell experience and many of you did just that. Over the next few days, we’ll be (anonymously) sharing your horror stories. Here’s the first one.

I once had a boss who was irresponsible, condescending and manipulative. I was an audit professional who had recently joined a new department. Although my manager was a veteran and I was new to the field, she did not mentor me and she neglected her managerial responsibilities.

My boss, the loudspeaker

To make matters worse, she blamed me whenever things went wrong. When she spotted tiny mistakes in my work, she would either walk near my desk and scream at me over the partitions, or call me to her desk so she could yell (again, very loudly) at me in front of her seniors. This was to absolve herself of any responsibility, should things go wrong on the assignment we were working on.

She would scold me so loudly that half the floor could hear. All my colleagues, even the secretary, sympathised with me.

Shopping and spying

My manager typically spent her day surfing the net for handbags and monitoring her maid’s activities with her child via video on her work laptop. This meant she dumped most of her work on me. I would stay at the office until the early morning, while she headed home at 6pm.

It's no surprise that my boss took double the usual amount of time to reach the next rank, and her promotion only came after she accused one of the partners of sexual harassment and threatened to report him.

The phone hog

When I went to our client’s office (it was on the outskirts of the city, so she never bothered to come), she would constantly call, asking for updates. When the company’s staff complained to her that I kept talking on the phone, she wrote in my appraisal that I always slacked off during client visits and submitted this to the engagement partner without even discussing it with me. My worst ever appraisal was from her, which should come as no surprise.

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