These six overseas MBAs could get you a banking job in Singapore

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If you’re a finance professional in Singapore considering spending tens of thousands of dollars on a Western MBA – and taking time out to study abroad – it’s worth knowing which courses offer you the best chance of landing a job when you return home.

To give you a hand, we looked through our database to find Singapore-based CVs with MBAs from US or European business schools (people who studied at Asian campuses were excluded).

We then found the top-30 foreign MBA providers among Singapore candidates and converted each one into a percentage of the overall total. The results are shown in the table below.

Surprisingly, given the large number of Western universities that run MBA programmes, only six schools dominate the table (with popularity rankings of 5% or more).

Chicago Booth is the overseas business school with the most graduates working in Singapore financial services, according to our database.

And Singaporeans also show an overall preference for elite American schools. Wharton and NYU Stern appear alongside Chicago Booth in our top six, while US institutions take up 15 of the 30 places in the table as a whole (compared with eight for the UK and just seven for continental Europe).

London Business School comes in second position, reflecting its long-standing status as a breeding ground for Asian bankers.

Attending Manchester Business School is also a good bet if you want a finance job in Singapore – it’s in fourth spot, well ahead of more illustrious British rivals, Oxford’s Said Business School and Cambridge’s Judge Business School.


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