Some of Hong Kong’s top trading jobs are not where you might expect

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Hong Kong’s banking technology hiring boom comes with a caveat – many of the jobs are on the retail side. But if payment apps aren’t your thing, you might want to apply to Societe General as it expands its local team of technologists working with the front-office to develop new trading systems.

SocGen is far from being the largest employer of financial technologists in Hong Kong, but it does use the city as a hub for developing capital markets products, the sweet spot of its Asian business. Right now, for example, SocGen’s corporate and investment banking (CIB) arm is recruiting a business analyst for Fidessa cash equity and derivatives technology, working within an agile feature team and liaising with the front-office.

This and several other trading-related positions on SocGen’s careers website are part of a plan – announced last December by Charles Gillet, Asia Pacific chief information officer – to ramp up Hong Kong recruitment of C++ developers, Java developers, project managers, business analysts and other tech roles focused on trading systems.

Many of the French bank's Hong Kong software developer roles are physically based in the front office. A current vacancy for a C#/C++ quant developer (warrants/market making) obliges you to “sit on the trading floor with the traders” and to “work closely with them on a daily basis”.

SocGen is after technologists – at all levels – who can go toe to toe with the rest of the business. Even as an analyst/associate-level developer for fixed income and currencies you must be “confident enough that you don’t have to prove to anyone that you are an experienced developer”. As we reported last week, however, candidates boasting both strong programming and strong communication skills are in short supply in Hong Kong.

While banks in Hong Kong increasingly want to poach technologists from Google, Alibaba and other large tech firms, some of SocGen’s trading roles are exceptions to this trend and demand finance-sector experience. The C#/C++ quant developer must have at least two years’ experience with stock, future or warrant products. And even a junior full-stack software engineer must have worked in finance for two years.

SocGen is also hiring in its electronic trading services team in Hong Kong – it wants a FIX connectivity specialist to develop trading solutions by working with clients, regulators and exchanges.

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