The hottest banking jobs for 25-year-olds in Hong Kong

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The hottest banking jobs for 25-year-olds in Hong Kong

Planning her next move

Have you recently made your way through an analyst programme at a bank in Hong Kong?

Are you wondering whether to stick with your current firm or make your first ever job move to a rival?

Your scope for changing roles in your mid-20s partly depends on which part of Hong Kong financial services you’re working in.

We’ve looked at some of the key job sectors on the eFinancialCareers database and worked out the percentage of vacancies listed for candidates with only one to five years’ experience.

The jobs towards the top of the chart are currently most in need of mid-20s talent.

Overall, front-office functions in Hong Kong – M&A and fixed income, for example – boast the largest proportions of junior vacancies.

Big investment banks typically have the most hierarchical structures in place to enable young employees to rise up the ranks. Analysts and associates have also been among the least affected by job cuts in Hong Kong this year.

And the front-office dominance isn’t confined to the sell-side – hedge funds, private equity and asset management all appear high on our chart. As we reported earlier this week, it’s becoming increasing difficult for seniors to move to the buy-side in Hong Kong.

The outlier here is quantitative analytics – the support role which tops our ranking largely because banks often hire 20-somethings who’ve just completed Masters degrees in maths-related subjects.

Some of the supposedly most buoyant job sectors in Hong Kong banking aren’t at all in need of people with one to five years’ experience.

Risk management comes last on our list with a mere 4%. The figures suggest that banks are looking for more experienced governance staff who can manage relationships with regulators and front-line departments.

Junior back-office and tech professionals in Hong Kong might also struggle in the current market as banks continue to offshore lower-level jobs in these sectors.

And while Credit Suisse is building its junior ranks in private banking, our table reflects the fact that young relationship managers are generally finding it difficult to change jobs.

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