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Screening resumes and shortlisting applicants have been two of the most tedious aspects of a recruiter’s job.

Save time screening, so you can spend more time hiring

Screening resumes and shortlisting applicants have historically been two of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of a recruiter’s job. While recruiters are expected to serve hiring managers a variety of candidate options, they also need to ensure their list is qualified, and capable of fulfilling the specific requirements of the role. This is all coupled with the pressures for immediacy, which often require recruiters to gather a list of qualified candidates from a high volume of applications under significant time constraints. Historically, these different recruiting factors have been at odds with each other.  

A Smarter and Faster Screening Option 

For recruiters who need to quickly identify the most relevant candidates for a job, eFinancialCareers Candidate Match beta makes sorting through applications quick and easy. Using AI and machine learning technologies, Candidate Match automates the screening process so you can concentrate on engaging the most qualified applicants for your roles. Each applicant is placed into one of five classifications, from Unlikely Match to Excellent Match, to allow you to quickly sort through applicants and gain insight into the most suitable candidates for your role. 

Hundreds of thousands (and growing) of specialist CVs and roles have been used to train the predictive model to achieve pre-screening automation. Based on machine learning, the model leverages your feedback to continuously become smarter and more accurate, so the system evolves with your business and needs.  

How eFinancialCareers Candidate Match makes the difference, so you can make the difference: 

Quickly identify a quality shortlist  

  • Surface the best, most relevant candidates for your organization (or your clients’ organization) from a pool of applicants.  

Speed up your screening process with artificial intelligence 

  • Automate one of the most time-consuming tasks in recruitment – sifting through applications 

Effortlessly match candidates to roles  

  • Our proprietary matching capabilities do the hard work for you, matching the best applicants with your roles and unique culture. 

Leverage continuous learning 

  • Our machines learn from recruiters like you, keep adding your feedback and take advantage of the benefits. 

Share your expertise and feedback 

Candidate Match is based on machine learning, and human feedback is critical during this beta period to tune the model. Help us harness the power of artificial intelligence by sharing your expertise by letting us know if you agree or disagree with an applicant’s match level – the model gets smarter with feedback. 

Whether recruiters are time-starved or don’t have all of the necessary information and understanding of a role to identify the best matches, they now have a method to prioritize applications for review, without pouring over every application. Recruiters can now spend less time in the tedious aspects of their job, and now focus on hiring and winning.  


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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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