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Here we have some of the questions asked during the pandemic.

COVID-era interview questions at banks and hedge funds

Investment banks might be hesitant about hiring too much experienced talent right now, but junior recruitment is proceeding as normal. Hirevue interviews have been underway since late July and virtual super days and Zoom interviews abound.

For the most part, the interview questions being asked are the same as usual: if you're applying for a markets role you'll almost certainly need an opinion on how to invest $1m+; if you're applying for a corporate finance role you'll need to know how to explain a DCF to your 80 year-old grandmother. 

Peppered in among the questions students say they're being asked at banking interviews this year, however, are questions specifically related to the pandemic. As we noted in May, you'll also need a good story about how you've handled the pandemic personally and have used it as a chance to 'grow' etc etc.

You might also want to prepare answers to the questions below, which recent interviewees claim to have been asked in postings on Wall Street Oasis and Glassdoor. As ever, some of wildest/most philosophical questions are being asked at hedge fund Bridgewater, where some people have been working in the woods since the pandemic began...

COVID-era questions at Goldman Sachs:

How is COVID-19 impacting the macroeconomy and industry specific valuations?

When do you expect commodity prices to rebound from recent lows and to what extent are they the result of COVID-induced over-supply?

COVID-era questions at Morgan Stanley:

How have interest rates changed due to COVID-19? How have those changes impacted our business?  

Private equity firms had a lot of dry powder pre-COVID. How do you think COVID has impacted private equity transactions?

What are the opportunities for private equity firms in light of the pandemic?

Are the high debt levels of private equity firms' portfolio companies a cause for concern due to the virus? 

COVID-era questions at JPMorgan

What do you think are the biggest challenges for the financial services industry over the next 5 years?

COVID-era questions at Bridgewater

Is higher education worth it?  

What would an ideal civilization look like?  

Should we legalize all drugs?  

If you passed out, how would you distribute your assets?

Is homeschooling better than public education?

Would you abolish death?

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AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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