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"Successful people at Revolut never complain"

The culture at Revolut is straightforward; it's a high-demand work environment. They pay well, and they expect high-quality work.

If you fail to deliver what's expected, you'll start to receive negative feedback. They will be disappointed in you. I am not saying there is no room for mistake or error. Miscalculations have happened, and lessons have been learned, but I wholeheartedly believe that none of the errors in the way staff have been managed at the bank were intentional nor preplanned.

I spent years working for Revolut and I've been there through thick and thin with the leaders. During COVID, the Crypto crash and Ukraine invasion, they had two priorities: customers and employees welfare. They only want the employees to work with integrity, business success, and customer satisfaction in mind.

Some people hired by Revolut misunderstand this. If you're not ready to accept criticism and you're not ready to progress, you will ascribe your issues to the firm's culture. In fact, there is no shortcut to success and Revolut understands this very well. If you accept criticism and evolve, Revolut will treat you well. I know people who started there as junior/mid-engineers and ended up being successful directors in a few years. 

Revolut's quarterly performance reviews are honest and have evolved to be as accurate as possible. However, you can find either lenient or strict managers who might need extra attention to their managerial skills. This is a general problem for many enterprises, and the solution is complex. 

So, how do you know if you're the right person to work for Revolut? Are you ambitious, focused and open to improvements and criticism, as well as eager to learn without any bias? If you are, Revolut will be a good fit.

Revolut gave me a huge amount of opportunity. I spent hundreds of hours working with the co-founder and CTO Vlad Yatsenko, one of the most talented people in the IT world, in my opinion. Of course, we've had some disagreements, but the deep care he took for his employees always astonished me.  I've never seen him speaking disrespectfully or in a condescending way with anyone--even with the worst imaginable engineers that sadly sometimes pass through the hiring process.

Yes, there are issues but Revolut is working through them. However, successful people at Revolut never complain. Everyone who joins wants to own a piece of the massive success that Revolut has accomplished (and will continue to achieve without a doubt). Though there are some exceptions, Some people wish to take shortcuts or need more talent.  They blame the culture, but they are wrong. 

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AUTHORFarshid Ashouri Insider Comment
  • An
    17 January 2023

    My experience extends only to the recruitment process - but that was enough to put me off! The firm is chaotic. Maybe they do pay well, but I wouldn't work there for all the money in the world.

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