Want to quit the Big Four for a bank in Hong Kong? Work for PwC, move to Morgan Stanley

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Want to quit the Big Four for a bank in Hong Kong? Work for PwC, move to MS

Out of the Big Four

Have you racked up some experience at a Big Four firm in Hong Kong? Do you now want to put your skills to use in an audit, product control or even risk/compliance team at a global bank in the city?

It pays to know where to send your CV – some banks are keener on candidates like you than others.

We calculated the Hong Kong headcounts of 13 major banks via the number of their staff who have online profiles.

Then we looked at the percentage of employees within these local workforces who have previously been Big Four staffers.

The figures in the table below only reflect people who have public profiles, but they do suggest which banks have the most Big Four-friendly hiring.

On average, 5.1% of employees at global banks in Hong Kong have a Big Four background – and several banks are clustered around his mark.

At nearly 7%, however, Morgan Stanley boasts the largest proportion of ex-Big Four staff, followed by UBS.

You appear to have less chance of breaking into one of the more Asia-focused banks. Citi, HSBC and Standard Chartered all appear towards the bottom of our ranking.

Stan Chart has around half the Big Four percentage of Morgan Stanley, for example.

Which of the Big Four supplies the highest proportion of staff to Hong Kong banks? PwC. On average, 1.8% of all bank employees once worked there.

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